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Grow offers free workshops dedicated to helping all women learn the basics of web development. If you have little or no experience in coding, Grow provides a safe space for you to discover the opportunities in tech. Get a feel for it, see if you like it or not. Maybe even make a career out of it. Or walk away vowing never to touch code again — that’s totally okay too.


Participants write code at a Grow workshop

Introduction to the basics of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

6pm, Wednesday 19 August 2020 | Springload, Level 6, 7 Dixon St, Wellington

In this workshop, we’ll cover the essentials of three front-end web languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You’ll come away with a small project you can keep working on in your own time to fine-tune your coding skills.

All you need is your laptop and yourself — no specialist software or programs. There’ll be food and drink to keep you fuelled and focused. Be ready to learn, have fun, and meet like-minded people.

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We’re the dedicated, approachable, and welcoming team behind Grow. We all work at Springload and we all want to make learning the basics of web development as fun and accessible as we can for you.

Not all of us code (but most of us do). And not all of us knew that tech was where we wanted to end up. Some of us came from non-coding backgrounds: graphic design, fine art, creative writing, clock repairing, cabinet making, and photography.

Frequently asked questions

How big are the workshops?

We try to allocate one coach to every two applicants. Around twenty applicants fit comfortably in the space at Springload.

If I’m not accepted for one workshop, can I reapply?

If you miss out on a workshop, you’ll get priority next time round. We’ll notify you before we open applications to the public.

Why a workshop specifically for women and non-binary people?

There’s still a huge gender gap in STEM, and we believe creating spaces for learning to code for those who are underrepresented will help us close that gap. We are all for doing what we can to create a more diverse tech sector.

How much coding experience do I need?

None! We cater to absolute beginners. The aim behind our workshops is to give those who are totally new to coding a taster of what it’s all about.

What if I don’t have a laptop?

No laptop, no problem. We want to make Grow accessible so flick us an email at , and we’ll source a laptop for you to borrow.

Will you feed us?

Yes — we’ll be providing tasty snacks to help keep you functioning at full capacity. You can specify any dietary requirements you may have on your application form.

What will I achieve by the end of the workshop?

You’ll have a basic grasp of what HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are. You’ll have used them in a fun, challenging exercise and seen how they can be used to build cool stuff on the internet.

What happens after the workshop?

You’ll be able to join the Grow Facebook group and keep up with those who have grown with you. And maybe you’ll decide to keep learning to code by making use of some of the online resources we recommend.

What’s your relationship to Springload?

The core Grow team members work at Springload, and Springload has been very generous in providing us with space to run our workshops in, food for our participants, and some of our work hours for running the behind-the-scenes parts of Grow. We sometimes have a few non-Springloaders kindly acting as coaches on workshop nights too.


Want to learn more about the wonderful world of coding? Come along to our next free workshop – we’d love to have you!

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